Five Little Monkeys Bake a Birthday Cake

Five Little Monkeys Bake a Birthday Cake

(formerly titled: Don't Wake Up Mama)

Clarion Books—1993  Ages: 3-6

"Will combine nicely with Christelow's other books for a foolproof story hour."

—School Library Journal

IRA/CBC Children's Choice —1993

The Story:

Five little monkeys wake up with the sun. "Today is Mama's birthday!"

"Sh-h-h! Don't wake up Mama!"

Sneezes, crashes and the E-e-e-e of a fire engine don't stop the Five Little Monkeys from baking Mama a surprise birthday cake while she is fast asleep. But, when Mama finally does wake up, she reveals a surprise of her own!


The Idea:

I started writing a story about a little girl who liked to get up  before her parents. I wrote one page. Then I was stuck!

   My character was mischievous—kind of like the five little monkeys. So I thought, "Why not write about them?"  With new characters, my

story got 'unstuck'!

The illustrations:

The line is pen and ink. The color is gouache.(Gouache is like water color, but it's opaque.)