books about the Desperate Dog!

Emma (the desperate dog) has decided to try 'her paw' at Facebook

Facts about the Desperate Dog:

Name: Emma
Birthday: February 14, 1997
Breed: high-strung mutt
Hobbies: Eating
Favorite thing to do: Eating
Favorite sport: Eating
Favorite food: You name it; I’ll eat it! Cell phones, Halloween candy, trash...
Job: Keeping my humans in line.
Skills: Ladder-climbing, mouse-hunting, eating, running and. . .Shh-h-h! Don’t tell anyone—writing on the computer.
Favorite newspaper column: Dear Queenie

Letters From a Desperate Dog

The Story:

Bad! Bad! Bad!

That's all Emma hears from her human, George, all day long. What's a poor, misunderstood, desperate dog to do?

   Write to Dear Queenie, of course!

   The canine advice columnist for the Weekly Bone suggests that Emma get off the couch and find a job. Soon Emma is embarked on an exciting career. . . and a whole new dilemma!

   Find out how Emma and George decide they each are not so "Bad! Bad! Bad!" after all!

The Idea:

This book was inspired by the sometimes fractious relationship between my husband and our dog, Emma. Since I wrote this book, they are getting along much better! I think it helped them understand each other.

The Illustrations:

Letters From a Desperate Dog is part comic book, part picture book. Each of Emma's misadventures is told in a comic strip; but it's still important to have the surprises happen when the reader turns the page.

   The illustrations were done with pen and ink and watercolor.


Written and Illustrated by Eileen Christelow
Clarion Books—2006
Age: 4–8

IRA-CBC Children's Choice

Bank Street Best Children's Books of the Year

“A delightful romp . . . along with all the silly fun, there are also some heartfelt messages about friendship and the bond between animals and their human companions."

— ALA Booklist

"Readers will cheer for this well intentioned heroine and applaud her eventual success."

 — Kirkus Reviews

The Desperate Dog Writes Again

A second book about the Desperate Dog!

Another story about Emma's life with her much-loved, ever-difficult human, George. This time he has a visitor, a STRANGER named Loretta. WHO is she? WHY won't she let go of George's hand? Worse, Loretta brings along her dog, Hankie, and they take over Emma's spot next to George on the couch.

   What's a desperate dog to do? Write to a favorite advice columnist, of course! But this may be one problem that even Dear Queenie can't solve. Will Emma be able to regain her position as top dog of the household? Will her happy home ever be the same again?

The Illustrations:

Both drawing and color were done on the computer, using a Wacom Intuos tablet and Photoshop CS4.

The Desperate Dog Writes Again

Written and Illustrated by Eileen Christelow
Clarion Books – 2010
Ages: 4–8


“Pitch perfect for those children adjusting to a new person in their lives.”


“Christelow's exuberant comic-book art humorously shows Emma acting on Queenie's consistently unsound advice. Young readers will enjoy this romp and perhaps reflect on how they can deal with changes of their own.

—ALA Booklist

A Junior Library Guild Selection